Free Injection Mold Evaluation

Do you? have a plastic injection mold that has not been properly maintained and is no longer in service?

If you have a broken mold and think your only option is to build new, think again. We’ve repaired molds with every conceivable problem. Broken core pins, ejector pins and blades, damaged parting lines, damaged cores and cavities, we’ve seen it all.

Even if your injection mold has exceeded its warranty and is showing significant wear, the fix could be as simple as replacing ejector pins or core pins with slightly bigger pins. We may weld the mold to rebuild broken down areas. Wear surfaces can be rebuilt and shutoffs can be re-worked. Let us take a look and give you a free quote.

If you have a mold that’s seen better days let us take a look and give you an honest estimate to repair, tune up and rejuvenate it.

A rejuvenated plastic injection mold can provide years of continued service. It can provide thousands or even millions of additional production parts, and savings of thousands of dollars compared to building new.

Let us do a free mold evaluation today and while we’re at it, we can quote your production runs also.

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