Plastic Injection Mold Maintenance and Transfer

Plastic Injection Mold Maintenance and TransferInjection Mold Maintenance

A properly built and maintained injection mold will produce millions of parts. Heppner Molds produces parts from a variety of customer molds, from prototype molds to multi-cavity hot runner production molds. Some of the molds we currently run in our plastic injection molding department were built by us over 20 years ago, while others are quite new. The one thing they have in common is that we maintain them properly.
When you work with us you can be confident we will take good care of your molds. We have the knowledge and skill to keep them in top working performance.
If a mold breaks we know how to repair it. We’ve repaired molds with every conceivable problem. Broken core pins, ejector pins and blades, damaged parting lines, damaged cores and cavities, we’ve seen it all.
If you have a broken mold please see our free mold evaluation offer [link to free mold evaluation]

Want to Transfer Your Mold?

Considering a mold transfer? Maybe you’ve found that your overall cost would be less if your products were manufactured in the US. Maybe you’ve discovered that your mold was not produced using the proper components and/or steel. Maybe your current manufacturer isn’t performing as promised, with long lead times, terrible customer service, and/or lax mold maintenance.

You don’t have to leave your molds at a low-performing manufacturer. You do need to find a shop with in-house tooling capabilities, like Heppner Molds. We make the mold transfer process easy, offering little downtime and great results. We’ll help you transfer the mold to our facility, where we’ll tear it down and do a complete inspection. Our inspection will determine whether your mold needs any work to perform at the level you expect. If you need to transfer a mold, call us today at 208-773-4055.