“Their service and ingenuity are stellar to say the least. Heppner Molds employees are problem solvers as well as partners in creating a quality end product for their customers. They are our second set of eyes on all of our designs and projects we do. We utilized Heppner to help us develop an injection moldable metal filled hydrogen fuel cell. This part needed to be highly conductive with a plastic base and then heat treated for strength. We hit a major roadblock as to how we were going to accomplish this using plastic injection. Scott and his employees, developed a mold and the process to allowed us to not only meet the requirements but were able to produce repeatable, quality parts which worked as needed. This is the reason why Heppner Molds is and always will be our mainstay for my business.”

Ron Stokes
R&B Designs LLC

“We utilize a very difficult to engineer thermal resin in medical devices. Heppner Molds not only engineered a cost effective mold for us that works beautifully, but they are also our best vendor. Heppner Molds always produces top quality product with on time delivery at a good price.

You are the BEST!”

Linda J. Miller, CEO
PDT, Inc
PO Box 17980
8275 Highway 10W
Missoula, MT 59808

"We made the switch to Heppner Molds a number of years ago, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Our previous injection molder often had quality problems and it was nearly impossible to get a response when we had questions or concerns. These are no longer issues. The quality of the components we receive from Heppner is excellent, and Scott and all of his staff have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and very responsive.

We aren’t a huge customer, but we’re treated like we are one their most valuable ones. Instead of a simple customer relationship, it feels more like a partnership and that we’re working together to produce the best finished product. None of our other suppliers are as easy to work with or provide such excellent customer service.

I would recommend Heppner Molds to anyone who is looking for the highest quality parts at a reasonable price."

Steven H Bixby
Missoula, MT