What To Expect

What To ExpectMore than Just Injection Molding – What to Expect From Heppner Molds

Expect Excellence.

We take pride in the fact that we have never lost a customer to a competitor. Never. With that record, we must be doing things right. When you’re a Heppner customer, you can expect:

A Free Initial Consultation

When you contact us via email, phone or in person, we’ll provide a free expert consultation. If you require a non-disclosure agreement, we’ll be happy to sign one. Heppner clients can be confident that their proprietary information is protected while in our custody.

An Extensive Design Review

Upon introduction of your initial design, we will review it with you and determine what steps to take next. We’ll discuss manufacturability and any design changes that may be required. We’ll help make your design a reality.

A Custom Rapid Prototype

Many clients want to test their design in the real world, to feel it in their hands, and test its functionality. A stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototype, created through an additive manufacturing process, comes close to replicating the final product and can be produced in as little as one day. We can also machine a prototype if one is needed to prove functionality, or if it’s more cost-effective.

The Right Tooling for Your Project

Once the prototype phase is complete, we’ll review your tooling options. If you’re looking at short run production, you may be able to save money by using a simple mild steel or “cut-in-the-solid” mold. Long-term high volume production usually requires a heat-treated tool-steel mold. The complexity of your design will determine the amount of time needed to manufacture your plastic injection mold. Your mold will be tested, and first article parts submitted for your approval.

Quality Injection Molding and Timely Production

Once the tooling is complete and first article samples are approved, production can begin. At Heppner, we do both small and large runs, depending on your needs. We can also provide assembly. Scheduling is simple. Upon receipt of a purchase order, your order is entered into our ERP system and sent to the production floor. At Heppner, most orders are shipped within two weeks or less.

At Heppner, You Can Expect Excellence in Plastic Injection Molding.